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Ellis Coll Attorneys
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Small Boutique Law Firm in Bryanston
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Well established and reputable law firm, Ellis Coll Attorneys acts on behalf of its clients with the utmost integrity, loyalty and trust.

The firm builds solid relationships through the strong one-on-one personal attention that characterizes lawyer-client interaction, and as a result, prides itself in having attained an enviable standing in the areas in which its specializes.

Senior partner, Ellis Coll, has himself 29 years of extensive legal experience in and understanding of commercial law, being fully conversant with its concepts, practices and procedures.

He is renowned amongst his peers and colleagues for his masterly ability not only to draw, negotiate and implement complex commercial contracts, but also for his unequivocal ability to engage professionally in variable and numerous complex litigious matters, often enabling him to find those hidden loopholes frequently overlooked or ignored by members of the legal fraternity.

Together with his professional staff, he promotes honesty, decency and ethics in his dealings with clients and the public at large.

Strong and innate leadership qualities characterise Ellis, as do his exceptional communicative skills and the fact that he leads by example.

Always a supporter of the “underdog”, continually fighting for equity and justice for his clients, he is particularly responsive to the needs of those seeking fair and equitable results.

Abigail Shirk is the driving force behind the Conveyancing Department, fully conversant in and experienced with, inter alia,, Transfers, Mortgage Bonds, Sectional Titles and Township Developments.

Debt Recovery Services, amongst others, is a further speciality offered to clients.

It cannot be emphasised enough that Ellis’s own reputation, which has been built over the years on the most moral, scrupulous and ethical principles, is the foundation of the firm, which culture pervades the firm’s entire spectrum of operations and communications, rendering clients the recipients of the finest and most professional legal services.

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706 1588
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011 706 8423
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Coral House, 20 Peter Place, Lyme Park, Bryanston
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